Wise Owl Gazing

Benefits: This it’s an amazingly simple stretch to send new energy though the entire spine, with the power to relieve muscle tightness and pinched nerves.

Cures energy depletion and consumptive illnesses, as it works the entire spine much like a wringed out cloth, it gets rid of nagging stiff muscles and pinched nerves, this exercise really improves your vitality, focus and energy levels, it also wards off aging and is very beneficial for back pain all along the spine.


  1.  go down into horse position(or riding horse)
  2.  raise your right hand  to heart level with your palm open(imagine having your hands in a prayer position  – then remove the left hand and relax it at your side – this is the position your right hand should be in.
  3.  exhale and rotate your body left twisting your spine relaxedly – as far as it will go comfortably.(hey don’t strain, relax)
  4.  follow this movement up by moving your head to look back (left) Ie continue the movement you made with your body simultaneously with your head.
  5.  inhale as  you come back to the central position
  6.  repeat with the other side of your body ie now use your left hand and twist right.
  7.  Do 10 reps 5 each side.