Joe’s Ultimate Body-Mind Routine to Bring You Luck

Joe’s Ultimate Body-Mind Routine to Bring You Luck

Here comes the most powerful daily routine you’ve never heard of – because I made it up.

And it combines not only basic strength training, but some of the best Yoga moves and Qigong moves as well from ancient China.

Essentially, I made it up to address various needs of the body day-to-day that I wasn’t finding out there. And so to find a whole body workout that worked for me, I had to cover the whole globe.

So we’re talking India, China, America, and really all over the world is where these routines come from.

And what I love about this routine is it was not only key in helping me shed 50 pounds, but it just makes me feel good when I’m done, all while boosting my immune system!

It also helps when I’m working a lot because it stretches me out nicely and gets the good Qi (“chee” which means life-force energy) flowing through me. And it’s something you can do anytime, anywhere.

It’s called Joe’s Lucky Routine.

It’s lucky because it addresses all facets of our body, to put us more in harmony with our body, mind and soul connection – which brings in grace, aka “luck.”

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