Throwing Out The Trash – a Chi-cleansing exercise


The first pose of the 8 Trigrams is Throwing Away the Trash. This is a warm up that releases toxins and excess emotions. It opens the fascia around most of the major organs, invigorates the body, and expels stale energy, while clearing the mind. Especially the lungs and heart expel toxins and help us relax.

Reach up, stretch with arms slowly inhaling. Exhale, contracting down swiftly and throwing arms behind you. Releasing excess stale breath and emotions (excess stuck energy) that need letting go. Repeat

It is combined with the 6 healing sounds during the exhale.

Haaa – heart sound opens heart and circulates breath
Sss – lung sound wards off colds and lifts one’s spirit
Shoo – liver sound alleviates irritability and pain
Whooo – spleen sounds calms and release anxiety
Chway – kidney sound stokes gratitude and soothes fear
Sheee –  stomach sound assists with digestive issues and relieves anxiety

Bonus video