Raising Hands to Support the Heavens

8 Brocades with Joe
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Separating Heaven and Earth
The perfect break from the phone or computer, this one also purges organs in our abdomen, but helps relieve anxiety and leaves you feeling connected! May it be just the beginning! ✨🙏✨

This simple yet powerful move gets the good “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) flowing through our energetic meridians, purging and renewing organs, fascia and lymph nodes. It’s a perfect break from the computer or phone and also a great way to start every day. ? – Joe

This one immediately de-stresses, and helps alleviates anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue as well as panic attacks, while sending renewed energy through the endocrine system. It’s said to also benefit the stomach and spleen, while putting us in a relaxed state.

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These are the forms that saved my life, boosting my immune system, inner peace, and overall health.