8 Brocades
8 Brocades Benefits: Healing Conditions and Organs

8 Brocades Benefits: Healing Conditions and Organs

Benefits of the 8 Brocades

Before we get to the video class, let’s look at the benefits of each form.

1. Raising Hands to Support Heaven — a great release after being on a phone or computer too long. This relieves tension in the arms, neck and shoulders while smoothing out our energy field. This form is said to stimulate the “Triple Heater” (body’s thermostat) while clearing and releasing stuck chi. The move is said to alleviate anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue as well as panic attacks, while sending renewed energy through the endocrine system

2. The Archer (also known as “Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Bird of Prey”) —  here we emulate a warrior drawing his bow to shoot at a target. This form not only boosts our focus and increases yang energy but is said to benefit the kidneys while opening the lungs and heart, as well as stretches the arms. Doing this while in “horse stance” also strengthens the lower body.

3. Separating Heaven And Earth — this one is similar to the first form except we push up with one hand toward heaven, and down with the other hand toward earth, while we remain in the mystical center in between. This form is said to benefit the stomach and spleen while toning our core and boosting overall stability.

4. Wise Owl Gazing — An amazingly simple stretch sends new energy though the spine, while relieving muscle tightness and any pinched nerves. This also boost the health of our eyes, neck and back.

5. Big Bear Searching — here we move like a bear on a mountain side looking for food. This harmonious form uses breathwork to help bring new energy to the heart and lungs, increasing longevity and overall health.

5. Punching Fist with Fierce Gaze — Purge anger from the liver (where Chinese medicine believes it’s stored). This move also strengthens concentration and releases tension.

7. Touching Toes to Purify Kidneys — this is a great one to gather good chi out of the air, and then purify our kidneys while touching our toes. Tracing the meridians down the outside of our body and and coming up the inside, this helps the bladder and entire urinary system, while purging the negative emotion of fear from the kidneys. This one leave us with a sense of quiet confidence.

8. Chi Shower (“Shaking the Tree”) —this is sometimes referred to the “Cure for 99 Diseases” (though not mention literally), a testimony to how powerful the Ancients found this form. It’s said to help drain toxins from the lymph nodes, strengthen the heels and calves, stimulate the immune system, and send negative energy into the earth while receiving renewed energy from above.