The Art of Slow Living, E-book

Learn how to change your life with Slow Living for a more enriched and aligned life.

This guidebook will help you slow down and make more time for the things that actually matter.

In our busy world of multitasking, we often feel hurried,

This makes slow living a radical act.

This guidebook offers simple steps to leave the hustle and get into the magical flow of Slow Living.

This guide is for you if:

  • You’re often stressed
  • You overthink and worry too much
  • You’re burned out and frequently drained
  • You’re looking for new ways to enhance life
  • You tired of hurrying and want a better quality of life

I get it. I was once over-stressed and hurried. But after deep diving into what matters, I discovered the key to enjoying life is to slow down. Now, my work time is more prosperous and my playtime more enjoyable.

You can do it too, as I’ve laid out the exact steps and mental shifts in this guidebook.

This guide includes:

  • Realistic ways to slow down and enjoy life
  • More than 50 inspirational graphics and quotes
  • Breathing techniques and exercise tips
  • Insights gleaned from personal experience
  • Fun ways to enhance your home, wardrobe and life!

Start the living the Slow Life!
Written by Club Qigong founder, Joe Moody.