Effortless Weight Loss: The Subconscious Secret to Your Ideal Weight

Effortless Weight Loss: The Subconscious Secret to Your Ideal Weight

Here comes the most effective and long lasting way to achieve your ideal weight that you’ve probably never heard before.

And it’s something I know myself well. After all, I used to be 50 pounds heavier than I am now.

Your conscious mind knows how to lose weight. So what’s going on? It’s your subconscious mind holding you back.

Studies have shown it controls up to 90% of our behavior. And if your subconscious mind is living a life that gains weight, you’re going to gain weight.

Even if you have a diet, you’re going to lose that weight, and it’s just going to rise right back up. Because your subconscious may not only see you as a heavy person, but it may be filled with stressors and triggers that cause you to eat, to try to rise above emotional turmoil, change your subconscious, change your reality. But how?

Using the same technique that I’ve been using to help people remove limiting beliefs so they can live a life of abundance and prosperity.

It happens best when we’re asleep.

And I’ve compiled 90 of the most powerful weight loss affirmations, and I put that on top of some healing music that lets you rest and go into that theta state or even asleep state, so that your subconscious can receive these messages and make them real in your life.

It’s a way to effortlessly lose weight and watch yourself progress day by day, one little step at a time. And it’s the newest course over at Club Qigong. It’s called the weight loss sleep meditation.

And once you get one course at Club Qigong, you get access to all the courses.

So while you’re reprogramming your subconscious to achieve your ideal weight, you can get fit as well.

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