Hands Holding Up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian)

Also known as Raising Hands to Support Heaven

Organs: Lungs  – Triple Heater (body’s thermostat) – clears and releases, interactions with others, circulates lymph

Benefits: balances and clears the the triple warmer/heater meridian (sanjiao) primarily associated with endocrine system and our fight or flight response, an unhealthy triple heater can result in issues such as ADD, chronic fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks as well as insomnia and tinnitus, practicing alleviates anxiety, insomnia and chronic fatigue as well as panic attacks, and sends renewed energy through the endocrine system


  1. Stand relaxed, begin interlacing fingers, palms skyward
  2. Inhale slowly and raise your interlinked palms to forehead palms, rotate palms up and above head
  3. stretch in this movement, up and above, and go onto your tiptoes
  4. hold your breath in pause
  5. lower yourself back on your heels
  6. now move your body left and right arcing left and right – so to open space between ribs, stretching left and right with hands over head
  7. Release hands and circle Down to each side.
  8. Create a repetition as you flow through the move

A simpler way without using tippy toes: