? A Course Guide

This guide with help you thrive on your Qigong journey! Curated by Joe.

? How to start Feeling the Good Qi?

It just takes 10 minutes to feel amazing when you do the 8 Brocades with Joe or Melissa.
Brocades are silk fabrics, as these forms make us feel like we’re wearing silk!

For the full effect, learn the basics (plus the 8 brocades) in the Beginner’s Course!

Feel free to also browse the Daily Routines.

⏰ What are best times to do Qigong?

The masters say the most powerful times to do Qigong are at sunrise ? and sundown ?.

However, I have found anytime is good to do Qigong. A calming routine before bed is amazing, as is a mid-day flow to stay productive.

The only wrong time to do Qigong is in a storm ⚡️ as Qigong is so powerful it pulls the energy of nature into us, and we want to avoid taking in lightning and storms. ⛈️

However, Meditation is fantastic to do during adverse weather.

❤️ What forms promote my body’s own self-healing?

While all Qigong routines help activate self-healing, these specific routines have helped me the most:
Shaking the Tree and Luohan Patting are powerful purging routines, and are also part of the Beginner’s Course.

Here’s two more that focus on self-healing:
Immunity Workout
6 Healing Sounds

? What are the best Sleep Meditations?

Universal Mind Meditation is the most popular and powerful
Abundance Sleep Meditation is a great follow-up.
Essentially, all the Guided Meditations help with sleep.

Be sure to wake up with the Prosperity Wake-up Meditation!

?‍♀️ What forms will give me Superpowers?

Qigong actually can help advanced practitioners develop “superpowers,” which are really just natural powers of the spirit, including extra sensory perception (ESP), clairaudience, clairvoyance, and other “soul skills” unlocked when you connect with your energetic body, which is closer to your spirit.

Here’s the ones that will progress you the quickest:
Beginner’s Meditation
Evergy Ball Exercise
Universal Mind Meditation
The 8 Trigrams of Qigong
The Power of Breath (complete ebook by Joe)
Manifest Dreams in 8 Steps

? How can I raise my frequency to attract Love and Abundance?

Prosperity Wake-up Meditation
Body Scan Meditation
The 8 Trigrams of Qigong

Or, simply do any Routine so well you master it… Self-mastery makes you sexy and magnetic!

? CONDITION-SPECIFIC: focus on healing conditions or organs…

Here are our best focused courses (we add more regularly!)

First here’s two that purge and renew the organs in one flow:

• 6 Healing Sounds are a fast and effective whole-body purge, with sounds to heal the Heart, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Kidneys and the “Triple Warmer” (the 3 dantians in the brow, chest and abdomen, plus small intestine & gallbladder).
• 8 Brocades – gently yet potently works on the individual organs in a progressive flow.

Anxiety Remedies
Anti-Anxiety and Fear Purge
Feel Good Routine
Art of Slow Living (complete ebook by Joe)
Beginner’s Meditation

Chronic Pain
(including joint pain)
The 8 Brocades
Luohan Tapping
Body Scan Meditation
Also see the Grounding Mat and Red Light Therapy

Confidence Booster
The Tiger Form

Diet and Weight Loss
? Joe’s Lucky Diet Tips
Weight Loss Sleep Meditation

Head Ache
One key with headaches is to get the Qi flowing so that it does not just stay in the head but circulates the energy throughout the body. The Luohan patting routine is one if the best to prevent and remedy aches. Also shaking the tree helps move the Qi out of the head and else where as needed: Our Beginners Qigong Course actually includes both those routines as well as the 8 brocades, which soothes our energetic field.

Heart ache and Grief Cure
Shaking the Tree (& Qi Shower)
Purge Grief and Heal Heartbreak

Immune System
Immunity Workout

Insomnia Relief
Qigong for Sleep
8 Trigrams of Qigong

Liver Cleanse
Coming soon, until then do the The 8 Brocades

Lung Healing
The 8 Brocades
The Breath Book

Lymph Node cleansing
Shaking the Tree with Luohan Patting

Kidney Cleansing and Restoring
Touching Toes to Purge Kidneys
(and all moves in the Beginner’s Course)

Sciatica and Lower Back issues
Qigong for Sciatica

Thyroid Issues (especially hypothyroidism)
Thyroid Healing with Qigong

Tinnitus and Clogged Ear


? Also browse the Library of Forms.

? Where can I find all the New Releases?

We’re constantly creating new content from the latest discoveries. All new releases are listed here.

? How to see everything available?

All flows, classes and books are in our Courses area, or you can “deep-dive” through individual moves in our Library of Forms.

? An Overview of Joe’s Daily Routine:

While Joe likes to switch it up, here’s some forms he just can’t do without – in the order he does them on optimum days:

• Victory Pose (upon waking)
• Maha Mudra (before looking at a screen)
• Shaking the Tree with Luohan Patting (before breakfast)
• Breathwork and Visualizations (before the mind feels “busy”)
• Joe’s Lucky Routine (mid morning before a big brunch)
• 8 Brocades or 8 Trigrams (afternoon or evening)

“These are core components to my health, energy and productivity!” – Joe

Check out all the Daily Routines here!