The Club FAQ

✍️☺️ Your Questions … Answered!

How do I get my Login info?

We email your login instructions immediately after you order (check spam if you don’t see it). You can also reset it here or let us know to get a new one.

How much is membership?

Membership is a flat rate of $29 per month for unlimited access to all content, and you can cancel anytime here.

Can I purchase a course to keep forever?

You can download any course to keep by simply signing up for 1 month. Simply click a course’s Vimeo link and then the “down” arrow. For sound files (like the Universal Mind Sleep Meditation) there’s a small “down” arrow on the page to download the MP3.

Is there a free trial?

You can try a free sample of a class when you sign up for our newsletter.

Can I sign up with PayPal?

Yes we offer payment through Paypal Here. Our regular method is through Stripe.

Can I share courses with family?

Yes! Feel free to watch together or even share the Vimeo link with family members to get the good Qi flowing as a family!

Can I Watch Courses on my TV?

Absolutely! We use Vimeo so you can use AirPlay (on iPhone) or Chromecast (on Android) to broadcast video courses to your TV using these instructions.

How do I cancel membership?

You can cancel anytime in the Member area or the direct link is here. And you can rejoin anytime you see a new course that you like. Most find good success going for 3-6 months to create their own routine, while many  stay for the new courses, community and healing flows.

Do you offer Live or In-Person Qigong?

You can get info on Live online sessions and when we’re teaching locally here.

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Recent Testimonials
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"I was feeling sluggish this morning and wishing I had the desire to face the day with excitement and joy. So I decided to try one of the routines. I chose the 20 min feel better happiness video. Can I tell you the clearing and filling of my energy changed my whole day. I felt so good and still good over 12 hours later. Thank you so much!" 🙌 Christy