Archer – or “Drawing the Bow”

Also known as the Archer and Drawing the Bow

Organs: revitalizes the kidneys and opens lungs and heart

Benefits: balances and replenishes the kidney meridian, opens lungs and heart, strengthens core and lower body through the low horse stance and stretches arms.


  1. stand in a horse riding stance, ie wide legs more than shoulder width apart
  2. arms are at your sides, bring them up and cross them in front of you forming “X”, lower into squatting wide stance by bending knees.
  3. extend your right arm out in a “T” and index finger out (pose looks like drawing a bow) while simultaneously drawing your left hand back in a half “T” (in a fist) as if pulling on a bowstring
  4. feel your chest open as you shoot the bow, your back shoulder blades should come together
  5. with your index finger flexed, you should feel a tingling in your finger, stimulating the vagus nerve, invigorating a health benefit – longevity
  6. Repeat to each side and create repetitions.

Only you can feel what doing feels

 Do it for the pleasure of doing!

 Make the posture become more powerful over time.

Observe your becoming! Be aware of your transformation.