How to Download Club Qigong Courses

Any Member can download any course to keep by simply signing up for 1 month. Simply click a course’s Vimeo link and then the “down” arrow. For sound files (like the Universal Mind Sleep Meditation) click the small “down” arrow to the right of the MP3.

Step 1: Click the Vimeo Link

Showing how to download

✍️ Note, on a phone the Vimeo is just a “V” like this:

Vimeo as a V

Step 2: Click the arrow to download

Showing how to download

For sound files, simply click the arrow on the right:

⭐️ And you only need to be a member for a month to download any course you like! ? Of course, by remaining a member, you get access to life-changing New Releases all while making the world a brighter place. ?